Mary Jane Sideshow Comiquette

Kotobukiya Mystique Bishoujo Statue

Kotobukiya DC Comics Supergirl Bishoujo Statue

Design For Kotobukiya’s Spider-Woman Bishoujo

Mary Jane Sideshow Comiquette

Okay, she’s not really a superhero, but she’s the girlfriend of one, she’s got his costume draped over her shoulders…

Doc Samson Statue by Bowen Designs

bowen doc samson feat

This imposing work depicts, wait for it, the Incredible Hulk’s shrink! Well, strictly speaking it depicts the Incredible Bruce Banner’s shrink, but that’s close enough for me. This piece is made of Polystone, stands 13 inches high and was sculpted by Randy Bowen.   Leonard Samson is a psychiatrist and college professor who had been…

DC Cover Girls Starfire Statue

starfire covergirl feat

While the DC Cover Girls series is a rather spotty affair which ranges from the inexplicably bad ( hello to a certain Canary that should have been sent down the nearest mine ) to the very cool indeed, this depiction of the comic world’s favorite faux-tanned babe can be summed up with two words, “Hubba-…

DC Collectibles Bombshells Poison Ivy Statue

poison ivy bombshell feat

Part of DC’s Bombshell series inspired by pinup style art from the 1940s (more specifically the kind of art seen on WWII fighter planes and bombers) is this very cool depiction of half woman-half cucumber Batman villainess Poison Ivy. This piece is sculpted by Tim Miller, measures around 7 inches in height, is cast in…